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VIC Cards

Don't Forget to Link Your Harris Teeter VIC Card!


One of the easiest and most convenient way of supporting The Hoggard Bands is to link your Harris Teeter VIC card to our ogranization. Each time you shop at Harris Teeter, a portion of the sale is donated directly to the Hoggard band. What can be easier than that?


Just click the link below to be directed to the Harris Teeter "Together in Education" page, where you can link your card to The Hoggard High School Band (#2458). 


Note: VIC cards must be relinked each year, starting August 1. 

Support J. T. Hoggard  

Band Booster Club, Inc.

When you shop at

*Please click here to read NHCS Policy 8550 on School-Sponsored Fund Raising Activities.


To help offset the expense of providing the best possible music education opportunities to our band students, the Hoggard Band Boosters sponsor a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year*.


Participation is crucial for our success with these various activities throughout the year. In addition to small fundraising efforts, our largest fundraiser is detailed below.

Fruit Sales

Our biggest, and most popular fundraiser each year is our Fruit Sale! Delicious fruit delivered directly from Florida, right to your door!


Fruit sales run from mid-October through mid-November, with delivery scheduled in December, just in time for the holidays!


For more information on how you can purchase some of this delicious fruit, contact the band boosters at


And as always, WE THANK YOU for your support!

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